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        Uzm. Protez Uzmanı





        Age, injury or various diseases can cause wear on the hip joints. Worn hip joints cause pain with movement, walking, sitting and getting up.

        The normal hip bone is one of the largest joints in the body. The ball-shaped head of the femur is inserted into the round groove in the pelvis. Both bone surfaces are covered with a slippery cartilage.


        If the problematic hip bone, smooth-surfaced slippery cartilage covering the socket in the pelvis and ball-shaped head of the hip bone and the bone tissues under the cartilage become irregular and rough, arthritis (a disease also called calcification among the people) occurs in the hip. The arthritic joint becomes painful and difficult to move.




        If you have severe damage to your knee due to trauma or arthritis, simple daily activities such as walking and climbing stairs may become difficult for you. In very serious cases, there is pain even when lying or sitting. In this case, the quality of life has decreased significantly. If medication, physical therapy and walkers do not relieve your pain, increase your quality of life and provide a comfortable sleep at night, you should consider total knee replacement surgery.

        Total knee replacement is an effective and reliable surgical method for correcting crooked legs, pain-free walking and climbing stairs, sleeping comfortably at night and returning to your normal daily activities.


        There are three main types of arthritis as the cause of knee osteoarthritis;

        •           Osteoarthritis

        It is the most common type. It is a degenerative disease that gradually erodes the articular cartilage. It most commonly affects middle and older people.

        •           Rheumatoid Arthritis

        It is an inflammatory disease that causes damage to the articular cartilage. It can occur at any age and usually affects many joints.

        •          Posttraumatic Arthritis

        Posttraumatic arthritis occurs after a knee injury. This type of arthritis is similar to osteoarthritis, the meniscus and

        occurs after ligament injury.

        The pain initially begins as mild and gradually increases with the increase of abrasion. The joint is swollen and its movements are limited. It can be difficult to bend or extend the knee.

        Pain increases with activity, climbing stairs, walking, or bending the knee. There is a feeling of locking and weakness and sprain in the knee.

        Some patients show that the degree of pain is affected by weather changes.


        Who Should Have Knee Replacement?

        It will be beneficial for you to take this decision together with you, a member of your family, or your orthopedic doctor. Surgery is recommended in the following cases;

        •           Severe pain day and night, inability to sleep at night

        •           Difficulty walking, climbing stairs, sitting or lying down, and persistent pain

        •           Continuous swelling and curvature of the legs

        •          Inability to benefit from medication and physical therapy

        • There is no definite age and weight limitation for total knee replacement surgery. Surgery depends on the patient's pain, deformity and disability. Age is not a definite criterion, but it is preferred between the ages of 50-80 and in case of serious necessity, it is successfully applied to the group under 50 years old.

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        Uzm. Protez Uzmanı

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