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            What is Orthotics?

            You, too, have come across the term orthosis in your daily life or have heard of this term somewhere. Since the concept of orthosis and prosthesis is very confused, people constantly ask the question of what is orthotics. If you want, let's answer these questions together.

            Orthoses are auxiliary devices used to prevent loss of function in the limbs, to prevent damage to surrounding structures due to various diseases, and to support the limbs by preserving the integrity of the body. For example, orthoses can help people who have gait disturbances due to various diseases to walk. Other types of orthoses can support the body to stand upright.

            What are the Orthosis Types?

            Orthosis types may vary depending on the person's purpose of using the orthosis. But in general, orthoses have certain areas of use. Here are the types of orthoses and their usage areas:

            Pediatric Orthoses

            Congenital or acquired disorders in children can be much more difficult to control than adults. Therefore, various assistive devices are produced in the medical world to support the development of children, and this issue is given great importance.

            Specially produced for cerebral palsy, SMA, ALS and many more diseases, DAFO orthoses make it easier for children to walk. In this type of orthosis, in which the feet are fixed, children do not spend much energy and can integrate into walking more quickly.

            Walking Devices

            Apart from amputations or loss of limbs, many diseases can result in gait loss and gait dysfunction. Various walking devices and orthoses are used to eliminate these dysfunctions and support people. These orthoses may be needed in MS patients, drop foot patients or nervous system-based diseases.

            Orthotic Shoe Insoles

            Special foot insoles are materials used by people who have problems with walking and suffer from serious foot disorders. Since these materials provide great relief in people's daily lives, they should be specially produced and the soles of each person's feet should be carefully designed.

            As in Proklinik, foot insoles and orthotic shoes produced by using 3D printers and making special models make people's lives much easier. These orthoses, which adapt perfectly to the sole of the foot thanks to 3D models, completely improve your gait with long-lasting use.

            RGO Orthosis

            It is a very difficult process for children to take the first steps and start walking. Especially for children with spina bifida, muscular dystrophies and motor neuron problems, walking becomes almost impossible. Thanks to RGO Orthoses, children can take their first steps towards a happy future with expert help. These specially designed orthoses can be adjusted to various disease groups and children can be made to take their first steps by overcoming difficulties.

            Scoliosis Corsets

            Scoliosis is a deformity that occurs when the spine is angled towards the right and left sides of the person. This deformity can affect a person's daily life and cause significant pain. With scoliosis corsets, scoliosis diseases up to 60 degrees can be treated and pain can be prevented. Thanks to these types of orthoses, people can lead a better quality life by bringing functions such as walking and sitting more comfortably.


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