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        Uzm. Kişiye Özel Tabanlık Uzmanı

        Custom Insoles

        Our feet, which carry the entire weight of the body, are one of our most functional areas. Therefore, foot health is one of the elements that we should pay attention to for our life standards. In order to lead a comfortable life in our daily life and at work, our feet should not have any health problems. Despite this, foot deformities are among the most common health problems. Standing constantly, choosing the wrong shoes and sprains cause disorders in foot structure and function. Personalized insoles, which we will talk about in this article, are used as a special treatment method for gait disorders and problems in our feet.

        What is Custom Insoles?

        Personalized insoles are insoles that are produced specifically for the foot problems of the person and used to fulfill foot health. It is a special type of treatment that acts fast especially for flat feet, curved feet, ankle pain and many other foot deformities.

        Personalized insoles are prepared using many software, and experts are employed in this process. First of all, the foot of the person is scanned with the help of technological tools so that the foot insoles can fit the person's feet and can be used for many years. With the laser scanning method, the 3D image of the feet is displayed on the computer screen, that is, the orthotists.

        Thanks to specially prepared software, orthotists make the modeling of the personalized insoles by making operations on this 3D image. After modeling, various machines start to create these insoles with millimeter precision. Finally, people try the insoles to check how they are, and the process of making personalized insoles comes to an end.

        Which Problems Are Customized Insoles Used For?

        Foot deformities may occur later or may be present from birth. Congenital foot problems, crookedness, curvatures after an accident and neurological problems are among the health problems treated with personalized insoles. Apart from this, the most common foot health problems are flat feet, heel spurs, excessively curved feet, hallux valgus, thumb bone protrusions and hammer toes. Personalized insoles are used for such health problems.

        Personalized Insoles for Flat Foot Disease (Pes Planus)

        Flat foot disease, which is the most common foot deformity among the people, is called pes planus in the medical language. This disease occurs when the pit in the inner part of the feet has less opening than it should be. The height of the inward arch of the foot should be around 1.5 cm under normal conditions. The fact that this height is less, and even that the area where the inner curvature is in direct contact with the ground, is called flat foot disease.

        Pes planus is seen in younger people and adults than in young children. In newborns, this natural inner curvature is still immature and gradually becomes hollow as bone development continues. Flat foot control should be done more than 8 years old. If, after these ages, the area we call the inner curve, the longitudinal arch in medicine, does not have sufficient height, a doctor should be consulted. In this disease, symptoms such as heel pain, fatigue, swelling of the soles of the feet are seen. When a doctor is consulted with these symptoms, the diagnosis is made by physical examination and imaging procedures.

        Personalized insoles are a frequently preferred application in the treatment of pes planus. The personalized insoles created as a result of the footstep analysis benefit foot health, while the exercises to be done with the insoles also help prevent complaints such as pain and swelling. In addition, it provides an even distribution of pressure on the foot. Such orthotic materials are more of a supportive treatment.

        Heel Spur Disease

        Heel spurs occur as a result of injury to the muscle fiber called the plantar fascia, which extends from our toes to our heels. The inability of this muscle fiber to function causes the accumulation of calcium in that area, and this accumulation causes an outward bony protrusion. We call this protrusion the heel spur. Standing constantly, putting too much weight on the feet, excessive weight, excessive tension in the feet and old age are important causes of heel spurs.

        Symptoms of heel spurs include feeling pain and warmth in the heel area most often during the day. Heel spurs, which can further impair blood circulation, can cause wounds in certain areas of the foot. Personalized insoles are an auxiliary treatment for this disease.

        The reason for using personalized insoles in heel spurs is to alleviate the load on the heel. By minimizing the load on the area where the spine is located, it is aimed that the muscle fiber called the plantar fascia recovers and returns to its former activity. In these insoles, where mostly plastazote material is used, the injury of the wounds is also prevented. After the complaints subside, insoles should be used for at least 4-8 months.

        Pit Foot (Pes Kavus)

        The curve between the heel and the toes, which we call the arch of the foot, should be around 1.5 cm as we mentioned before. The fact that this curve is more hollow than the height it should be is called pes cavus in the medical language. The higher this arch of the foot, the greater the load on the heel and the enlargement of the toes. Severe pain in the foot brings with it calluses, bending of the fingers and wounds.

        The main cause of high-pit foot disease is neurological causes. The diagnosis of this disease is made by a specialist doctor with physical examination, existing complaints and MR imaging methods. After this process, personalized insoles are used as supportive treatment. The treatment of hollow foot begins with insoles supported by the arch of the foot and physical therapy.

        Hallux Valgus Disease

        Although hallux valgus disease is popularly known as a protrusion on the thumb, the truth is that the first comb bone in the thumb turns inward. With the inversion of this comb bone, the finger bone gives out its direction and a protrusion occurs in the finger. There may be a genetic predisposition among the causes, as well as the use of pointed-toed and high-heeled shoes can trigger the occurrence of this disease.

        Although hallux valgus disease does not cause many complaints in the first stage, results such as pain and discomfort in the other fingers may occur in the following periods. Apart from this, the toes can overlap, which creates a big problem both in daily life and in the use of shoes.

        Surgical treatment is usually used to correct the existing dislocation. Physical therapy and orthotic materials are used as supportive treatment after surgery. Among these, there are custom-made insoles that support the big toe and support the metatarsal bone in medical language.

        Push In

        Another problem in which personalized insoles are used is introversion. The problem of the feet looking inward instead of looking straight ahead is actually a major foot health problem. It causes ankle and knee calcifications, scoliosis and lordosis, low back and joint pain. Therefore, special insoles must be used.

        Push Out

        The problem of stepping out is that the feet turn outward when walking. Feet point outwards at an angle of about 20 degrees. After a while, this causes pain in the feet and legs and wear on the shoes. It is aimed to minimize these complaints with personalized insoles.


        Calluses, called callus in the medical language, are thickenings that occur to protect the skin exposed to high pressure. Since the feet carry all the weight of the body, calluses often occur on the feet. This causes instability and joint damage while walking. Custom made insoles are one of the definitive solutions to get rid of calluses.

        Many such deformities that occur in our feet can negatively affect our living standards. If you or your loved ones are also suffering from these problems, you should definitely consult a specialist as soon as possible. With the help of Proclinic, you can get supportive orthotic treatments that will make you smile, and you can completely get rid of these problems with the advice of your doctor.

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